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Let noble thoughts come to us from every side. - The Rikveda

I am going to write about myself.Perhaps the most difficult task I have ever faced. I really get lost when I ask myself who I am and I am trying to solve it in my own way.

I am Alaka, a plain and simple housewife, a mother of two children and undoubtedly I had to sacrifice a lot for their future prospects and happiness. And as a reward, my son, a Software Engineer, has given me opportunities to have good friends and to have different views to share.

I was never satisfied with the daily chores of life, my mind needed something more. I love books, good jokes, and music. Nature has given so many beautiful things all around us and what we do really need, is the eye of the mind to enjoy them.

My mission is to convey good stories, poems, essays and writings to those who are living abroad so that they can get in touch with the rich literary and cultural heritage of their motherland. Most of the writings will be in transliterated Bengali and at times, in English.

I need ingradients for spiritual and intellectual upliftment. I have ideas for those who are interested in what is written in the Vedas and the Upanisadas and I will try to convey the stories and preachings in a shorter and easier form. I feel for those who are deprived of such essences which we inherit from our vastly learned ancestors. The ultimate goal of a human being is, to be happy and to make others happy. I am trying in my limited capacity to attain this aim.

Though I am not a scientific-minded person, I have full respect for scientific discoveries. My heartfelt thanks and regards to those persons, whose technological wonders have made the world so much within my reach.

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